Girl in a hurry

Published on August 01, 2019 Lifestyle

On a regular weekday, I was on call with my mother. Blabbering non-stop about everything that is going on in my life. Sweetheart that she is, patiently listening to everything. Just before hanging up, she said- “Get some rest, girl in a hurry”

All my life, the only thing I have known is to work crazy hard. Be it school, where I was not the most intelligent person in the class or be it today where I’m running errands (well, quite literally) with so many things from trip leading to internship to NIFT to blogging to 100 days of running and everything in between. We are always told to choose between ‘this’ or ‘that’. You have to choose. You always have to choose. But I often ask myself, do we really have to? 

Why can’t we work crazy hard so that we don’t have to choose between this or that? Why does it always have to be this or that? Why can’t it be this, that and that too?

I know its easier said than done but recently I have been doing so many things which is making me tired but more than anything else, it’s making me happy. So when you don’t want to choose among the things that make you happy, make time for each one of them.

For people can always make time for the things they love.

Until Next Time.