One Girl X This Guy ft. Tawang

Published on April 09, 2019 Travel

Well, It all started with a simple wish to travel…

At 17, After I completed my HSC all I wanted was to get out of the city chaos. Family not being much into traveling, I decided to go to Bhutan with “This Guy” and 19 complete strangers.

Well, I can write an entire book on what I feel about “This Guy”. He’s my mentor, my friend, my confidant and so much more. I met him at Bagdogra airport for the first time. I was nervous, happy, excited all at the same time. It precisely took him a minute to make me feel comfortable. Throughout those 7 days in Bhutan, there was not a single day, even a minute that he made me feel left out.

That one week and everything changed. I fell in love with Bhutan, with the people I went to Bhutan with, Bhutanese clothes, Bhutanese people and anything and everything I can think of. More than anything else, I fell in love with traveling.

Over the years, I kept traveling with “This Guy”- to Ladakh, to Meghalaya, to Thailand, to Kashmir. He has taught me many things which no school or college ever could- to find happiness in the smallest of things. He made me realize the importance of knowing things, being reverent, humble and kind to everyone.

About trip leading too, we keep talking about it often. He explains me a lot of things during the trip or otherwise. I remember when we were in Pahalgam on the 31st of December and we were trekking down to a river nearby the hotel and I was helping everyone. Literally, holding their hands and making them come down. Even there, he made me understand how important it is for people to learn things on their own. He asked me to be there for them but to let them do it on their own.

I cannot exaggerate enough on how much I respect him. He’s my favorite man in the world. We don’t talk everyday, sometimes we don’t talk for months, but whenever we do, we pick up from where we ended. Whenever I have to take any major decision of my life, I know he is the one person I can always go to for advice.

A lot has changed over these 4 years, I have changed cities for studies, started my own blog related to fashion and travel- “One Girl, One Journey”. But some things in life never change. I still love racing on mountains with my favorite man, dunking people in the snow, smiling at strangers, murmuring sweet nothings to furry dogs, smiling at myself when I see some act of kindness, learning about locals like I used to four years ago.

I remember when I was in Ladakh with my captain (this guy) in Nubra Valley, right outside our tents, under a millions stars, there was bonfire and everyone was sharing their dreams, of what they want to become someday and I remember, vividly, looking at my captain and saying “I want to be like him someday”

Today, I’m 21 years old, doing my Masters in Fashion Management at NIFT along with blogging about fashion and travel. After 4 years, this May, I’m going to lead my first trip to Tawang for OnHisOwnTrip under the guidance of my mentor, Neeraj Narayanan aka Captain Nero.

…It all started with a simple wish to travel.

Until next time.


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