5 tips on how to stay safe while travelling (covid-19 is not gone yet)

- By Pooja Sundrani

Beaware of what you are eating

Tip 1

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I love eating local food wherever I go and I am sure you do too. Make sure that the food you’re eating while travelling is thoroughly cooked and goes through all the quality checks.

Beaware of what you touch

Tip 2

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When we are out, we keep coming in contact with things other people have touched. Be aware of what surfaces or devices you are touching that others might have used too. ATMs, escalators and the like. 

Be careful of water contamination

Tip 3

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Again, the water I drink during travelling is usually local. Sometimes, it happens so that for some people their gut bacteria might not react well with the local produce. So it’s better to take precautions and drink bottled water.

Don’t forget to carry the essentials

Tip 4

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There are a few things that you must carry if you’re travelling. The list includes hand sanitizer, disinfectant tissues and a face mask. These items will help you in maintaining a certain level of hygiene during your travel.

Keep washing your hands

Tip 5

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Yes, I know. Everybody knows that. But, during our travels we keeping coming in contact with things people have touched or used. So, we have to be extra cautious and keeping washing our hands every now & then.